COVID-19 Information

Emerson Little League is adhering to all current guidelines set forth by Little League and the Department of Health with regards to COVID-19 restrictions and precautions. Some of these guidelines may include (but are not limited to):

1. Temperatures for all participants will be taken at the start of every practice/game.
2. Prior to the start of each game/practice, participants will need to be cleared via the TeamSnap Health Check. Additional information on this feature can be found here: TeamSnap Health Check
3. Coaches will wear face coverings, and players will wear face coverings while in the dugout/sideline area.
4. Any participant who is experiencing any symptoms must stay home, and will not be permitted to participate.
5. All participants and spectators will practice social distancing. Player only areas will be designated and marked off where applicable. There will also be no post-game hand shakes.
6. All participants must bring their own water bottles and equipment. There is to be no sharing - if any sharing  of equipment is necessary it will be thoroughly sanitized between uses. 

Refer to the guidelines set forth by the NJ Department of Health or Little League's Best Practices Guide for additional details. 

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