Travel Programs

Emerson Little League offers a Travel Baseball program for kids ages 7-14.  The Travel Program is an additional opportunity for select players who have demonstrated the interest, enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and ability to play in a more competitive environment.

Emerson kids are eligible for consideration for the Travel Program if they:
(1) are registered for and regularly attend Recreational games and practices
(2) meet the age eligibility requirements of the travel league they will be playing in
(3) are willing to make the time commitment that is required.

Divisions in the Travel program are strictly age based (based on the child's age as of Sept. 1). Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any requests for older players to play in a younger division. 

Prior to the start of the Spring/Fall Travel seasons, a registration process will occur to gauge interest in the program for that season. Teams in each division will be formed only if there is adequate interest to field a team for a full season. If the Board of Directors and coaches find that there is a sufficient interest, they will then reach out to those interested with additional information for the upcoming season. If there is significant interest in a particular division, it may be determined that the team will utilize an equitable rotation of players throughout the season. If this occurs, pro-rates fees will be applied. The decision may also be made to create multiple teams at a particular age level if interest allows it.

Participation in Spring and/or Fall Travel is not required in order for a child to make a Summer Travel team, however the Recreation, Spring, and Fall Travel seasons will be used to assess the players' abilities for the Summer program, if necessary. Participation on a Spring and/or Fall Travel team does not guarantee that a child will make the Summer Travel team. 

In determining rosters for the Summer Travel teams, Emerson Little League will conduct an evaluation meeting at each age level to determine the children who are eligible to safely play in this more competitive environment.  Evaluations will consist of Recreational team head coach assessments, Spring and/or Fall Travel head coach assessments, and the respective league Vice President.  Final selection decisions will be made by Emerson Little League in consultation with the Travel team's head coach.   

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