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Apr, 2021

Live Streaming & Field Improvements

We are excited to announce a number of significant renovations being made to our baseball fields.

To begin with, Thanks to Friends of Emerson Junior Baseball, Inc. for supplying the funds to procure the equipment and supplying the first season’s worth of network bandwidth, Scott Messick for coming up with the concept and designing the solution as well as Jeff Sabatella’s contracting expertise, we are now streaming all baseball games on Benkovic Field.  Hillman Field should be completed over the next week or so.  This allows for you to watch every game live pitch by pitch and gives you the ability to share with friends, parents, grandparents, etc.  There is no fee to stream these games.  Additionally, the players can now scout their opponents to get ready for their next game!!!

Players, and coaches, this is a reminder that you are now being watched and heard at all times.  Don’t forget to always adhere to our code of conduct which is attached to this communication.

We will over time embed this into our web site to make it easier to access although for now, you can watch the games by accessing the site below on your smart phones, iPAD’s, smart televisions, etc.

The YourGameCame web site;

Search for Emerson Little League (case sensitive)

Or the link below is the full path which can be shared with others and allows for a single click to access;

A few other features upcoming include, recording highlight clips, re-watching games at later times, advertising opportunities as well as a separate window for the scoreboard.

Additionally, thanks to our Emerson Town Council as well as Perry Solimando from the Emerson DPW, we will be replacing the backstops on Benkovic and Hillman fields.  These backstops are fairly old and needed to be replaced.  With the new sod installed on the infield on Benkovic field a few weeks ago, the new backstop will really make this field look like one of the best in area.

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